About Us

Welcome to MARIA MUNN!  

We are thrilled you are here and hope to make your experience a wonderful one.

MARIA MUNN was born after looking for jewelry that go beyond the traditional designs and not being able to find the look and quality that we strive for, at a price that makes sense. Most of the jewelry designs have been around for years so we wanted to create something bold and fresh that can be used every day.

 We believe that, each piece of jewelry should be unique, a work of art.  By combining the best elements, we create the best look for best fit and comfort.

After 10 years in Europe, we have decided to bring our designs to the world.  We are sure that you will love our jewelry and hope that we become your ally in fashion!

Our main offices are located in Madrid, Spain and Miami, FL, USA.

For inquiries please contact us at info@mariamunn.com